Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Enough of the Storms!

I love a good thunderstorm but this is ridiculous! We’ve had storms almost every day it seems. Right now, even, I can hear thunder breaking up the normal sounds of a quiet evening. Last night Eric and I watched a storm roll across the sky and eventually land over our own heads.
I was washing dishes when he called me out to the front porch. Way over yonder we could see a dark cloud and what was apparently, (according to him) if you looked closely enough, rain falling from the cloud. Whether or not you could see the rain (it looked to me like mist) it was a neat sight to behold. All we had to do was sit still and watch one of the best shows available in the natural world. A lightning storm. The thunder was rolling and the lightening was flashing in the dusky sky. The show was beautiful and the clouds were seething and moving closer and closer to us. The lightning continued to strike and the thunder was rolling unendingly. Then we heard a sound. It caused us to stick our heads our from under cover and look up and down the street. We could distinctly hear the pelting of rain again roofs and cars but could see nothing. The sound became louder and louder until finally we could see that it had come from down the street as it started raining on us. The effect was spellbinding. 
This is one thing that was really important to me when we were searching for a house. I wanted a front porch so that I could watch the rain and if I was lucky enough, storms. When I was growing up my family lived in a wonderful old house with a large, covered front porch. I can still remember slipping outside with my parents and sitting in awe of a good storm. Isn’t it neat to think that 25 years ago my parents let me sit outside with them to watch a storm every once in a while and I loved it so much that I remember it today?
Watching storms makes me think of those good times and others. I can still remember coming home from a neighbours cottage one night and it was storming so badly that Dad had to pull off the road until it blew over a little bit. That was one of the scary times.
Another time I remember going out with friends to a bar. Not too many people ventured out that night because of the storm but we had a great time and took no notice of the raging weather. The next day wasn’t quite so much fun as we were mopping up a flooded basement with hangovers.
Thunderstorms are terrible and wonderful at the same time. I have a friend who is scared to death of a storm. Not me. As long as it goes no further than a thunderstorm, I say bring it on! Tornadoes, on the other hand, scare the crap out of me. They are right up there, alongside spiders, on my list of greatest fears. I can honestly tell you that in my very active dream life I have nightmares about tornadoes quite often.
Anyway, tornadoes aside, I appreciate a good storm maybe more than the next person but even I’m getting a little apprehensive about these storms that seem to rolling through close to every day. Here’s hoping for peaceful, idyllic, summer (and not too humid!) weather. 

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At 9:12 p.m., Blogger Cuppa declared...

Wow, this blog brings back memories of that trip home from Shorty's cottage. That was frightening wasn't it? The lightening was so bright and frequent that we felt like flashbulbs were going off all around us and we couldn't see to drive. The thunder was so loud and right overhead and the lightening seemed like it was touching down all around us. We were so close to the lake that everything was magnified. I love a good storm too, but that one was hair raising to say the least.

At 9:33 p.m., Blogger Alianora declared...

My own mother LOVES thunderstorms and I remember as a kid, she used to get excited and grab the hand of each of us girls and take us outside to enjoy them. Thunder and lightening over the valley that separated us from the Cascade mountain range breathtaking!

There was a lightening storm here that lasted over an hour a few weeks ago-my roomate, her boyfriend and I got a ladder and sat up on the roof with a blanket to watch the storm unravel and dance for us.


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