Monday, July 19, 2004

Feet First Down the Chute

Considering it's Monday I'm having a pretty good day. It's "Western Day" at work so I'm dressed in jeans, a gingham top, a hanky scarf and to top it all off I have my hair in pigtail braids. Needless to say I can't go out as usual on my lunch break for fear of getting weird looks so I'm spending my lunch break blogging instead.
I woke up on a good note (which is a rarity on a Monday). Not only was my husband urging me to "wake up cowgirl" but I had a pretty funny dream. I dreamed that I was under housearrest. I had been falsely accused of some crime and now I was "serving time". (I blame the house arrest aspect on watching the Martha Stewart news) So I was stuck in this room in a tall building. I don't know why but a close friend (Kris) was there with me. Sympathy jail? Anyway, I had this grand plan for bustin' out and I had my laptop bag slung over my shoulder and I was disappearing, feet first, down the laundry chute! It was a tight sqeeze for these hips of mine and when I looked at Kris's horrified expression, I had second thoughts. She was questioning my sanity and I ended up agreeing with her and then I suggested that we use the secret back stairs instead of the laundry chute. Imagine that I would have chosen to try a chute over the "secret stairs" in the first place! Anyway, it was a pretty funny dream. One of those ones that you end up shaking your head at. Every once in a while I seem to go through a phase when I have very odd dreams. Apparently this is one of those phases.
Today only gets better. I found out this morning that someone I don't even know is reading my blog. What a neat feeling that is. I've been a little nervous about writing for all the world to see. I haven't told anyone of it aside from my immediate family. We all need a little validation and encouragement so it is really nice to know that someone has stumbled onto my blog and continues to read it. It was really hard to take that leap to start a blog and even harder to tell people I know to go and check it out.
Let's hope that the rest of this Monday goes as well as the beginning.

The Buzz:

At 4:28 p.m., Blogger Alianora declared...

I am not sure if it's me you were referring to, but I've been reading your blog (found yours first) and started reading your parents' blogs too. Specifically your Mom's. Anyhow, just popped in to say hello! I have a blot too.

At 11:01 a.m., Blogger Alianora declared...

I live in the USA, about 180 miles from the Canadian border, and very near the pacific ocean. And I love gardening! My father has been gardening for about 30 years and I always enjoyed working with him in it as a teenager. Now, roomate and I have a garden that we share, and have each started separate gardens as well. I find it very relaxing and soothing. It helps me de-stress after a long day.


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