Monday, July 26, 2004

Home Sweet Home

Back from our girls’ weekend. We had so much fun, as we always do, but it’s good to be home. I got home around 130pm so I’d have time to unpack and do laundry and get back into the swing of things. Right now I’m sitting on my living room couch with a load in the washer just waiting for my man to get home.

We were blessed with wonderfully warm days and fresh cool nights. Best of both worlds for sure. There was swimming and eating and drinking and then more eating all weekend. But of course there were evenings around the campfire too and even a glimpse of The Northern Lights. What a treat!

I love to go away. Especially to the Cottage. But coming home is just as sweet as going away. Eric just called and I’m glad that he’s on his way. I think that it’s important to spend some time apart but I missed him. I would have loved to share The Northern Lights with him. Someday our timing will work out and we’ll watch the show together. Until then it was great to share them with a close friend.

I look forward to sleeping in my own bed tonight. I feel rejuvenated and content and can face another week caught in the grind.

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At 12:42 a.m., Blogger Alianora declared...

I have never seen the Northern Lights in person, only on television, but I hope to see them someday. They sound breathtaking!


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