Friday, July 16, 2004


Thank goodness it’s Friday. Nothing beats the feeling of walking out of the office at 430pm on a Friday afternoon and knowing I have 2 days of delicious freedom. 2 days which hold endless possibilities. Just knowing that Friday is coming gets me through the week. Each morning when I drag my sorry self from bed, almost the first coherent thought that goes through my head is a morning count until Saturday when I know that I can sleep in.

Sleeping in. Was there ever such a more luxurious thing? My definition of sleeping in has changed over the years. 10 years ago I would have thought nothing of sleeping until 2pm. Mind you, I thought nothing of staying up all night either. Now, I relish sleeping in until 10am or so. If I sleep later I feel guilty but if I’m up any earlier I feel a little ripped off in the sleeping in department. Those of you with children are scoffing at me right now but you had your days of sleeping in too. Those of you that are morning people think I’m crazy for wasting a perfectly good morning but the jokes on you because there’s nothing better than staying up late and sleeping in.

My Friday and Saturday nights have changed pretty dramatically over the years too. As opposed to years past, I can no longer handle doing much of anything on Friday evenings. I find by 11pm I’m ready to head to bed, tired from a long week. Saturday night I tend to opt for staying in or going to a friend’s place. Actually going out to a club or something just sounds like work now. Besides, who wants to be DD? Stay at home and everyone has fun!

I usually pick up something yummy for our weekend breakfasts. Our favourite is fresh bagels with the option of cream cheese. If we have company we’ll do up a big breakfast of eggs or pancakes, bacon, toast and all the fixings. What we do next all depends on the season or the weather. Sometimes we head out for a mini road trip. Maybe a cozy afternoon by the fire watching movies or reading. Or maybe an afternoon doing yardwork or shopping. Or just maybe, our least favourite, cleaning the house and doing laundry.

By Sunday thoughts of the coming Monday start to crowd me a little. I like to make the most of the day. While Saturday’s tend to have no rhyme or reason to them I like to be more on the go on Sundays. If we’re too lazy I get frustrated. We try to "get stuff done" on Sundays. By the evening I’m making sure that there are clean clothes for coming week and lunches and automatic coffee timers again. And so the beat goes on.

But on Monday I’ll start the countdown again. How many more mornings?