Tuesday, August 10, 2004

So Much For That

I had big plans for a lazy, relaxed, non-productive weekend. It wasn’t meant to be.

After sleeping in until all hours on Saturday we cleaned the whole upstairs of the house.I showed Eric some paint swatches that I have been collecting for a little while and after discussing the merits of different colours we decided to head for the paint store. We managed to spend all our money for the next 2 days in one afternoon but we came out with numerous tins of paint, new curtains and rods and a various array of useful equipment.

Now my living room is "Lily Pond" green and a dusty, slate blue. I think that it looks pretty good! I’m so happy because I’ve been very displeased with the general whiteness of my house. The previous owners managed to make all sorts of pinholes in the walls and hung hideous wallpaper borders in almost every room. It took us all evening just to patch and sand the walls!

This week we’re going to concentrate on repainting the trim and then next weekend we’ll paint the bedroom. I just am so pleased with the changes. It may keep us poor but it’s fun.