Tuesday, September 28, 2004

The Ghost They See

Thanks Kat for writing such terrific stuff.

The Ghost They See

A ghost exists outside these walls.

The ghost reflects but does not mirror.
A fractured image.
A light that flows through shattered glass.
Showing only that which is unbreakable.

Mind, heart, and soul remain hidden.
Nothing will hurt that can't reach past the smoky window.

The rebuilt glass.
Slivers torched together.
Scalding flames melted the weakened cracks.
Forming hardened webs of stone.

Strangers settle for the ghost.
Never to look past the reflection.
None glimpse the pure light
That spills under soul's door.

The wall will not shatter
For a passerby.
Nor any that just dare to brush the glass.

It will take heat and strength
Bravery and challenge.

Lost until found.
Alone until home again.