Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Last of the Great Long Weekends

It's over. Our last long weekend of summer. Ain't it a shame? Next long weekend: Thanksgiving.

At least I enjoyed my last hurrah. How about you? Eric and I were kept busy. My parents came on Thursday. As a surprise my sister joined us for Thursday night. It was great to see her and, as Thursday was not only her birthday but also my Dad's, it was great to have the whole family together.

My sister left on Friday and that evening Eric and my Dad went to a CFL game. I was only too glad to give up my ticket to my Dad. I don't enjoy football and certainly don't understand the crazy game. Mom and I went over to my friend's place after going out for dinner and had a really nice evening. While on Saturday we were a bunch of bumps on logs and didn't accomplish anything, Sunday was spent driving around the region looking at properties. (Of course it wouldn't have been much of a day trip if we hadn't stopped into the chocolate factory. Mh mh good.) After all the driving and visiting and eating, yesterday was an "everything day". Eric finished up his work in the garage and I went with my folks to look at one more property.

Then, mortifying as it was, I prepared for the coming work week. Laundry, lunches, tidying up. Blah. What's worse than the first day back to work after a long weekend?

At least tomorrow is Wednesday. Hump day ... horray!