Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Speak Up Already!

I need to learn how to ask for what I want or need.

The Buzz:

At 10:45 a.m., Blogger shadowbox declared...

This entry has a cryptic feel that would be right at home at angryinches (that's a compliment, by the way).

Given your previous post, I can only speculate as to what you might be referring to. Tee-hee.

At 4:49 p.m., Blogger shadowbox declared...

I'm not sure I'm qualified to give advice on what makes a *happy* marriage, but I do know this: there's never anything wrong with telling your partner exactly what you want. Sometimes what follows can be surprising. Even fun.

You'll have to excuse me. I have some of my own advice that I need to follow (oh isn't it always like that?)

At 4:59 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous declared...

There's a famous doctor who has been saying, "You have to stop complaining and start asking." Not saying that you're complaining, just giving a full quotation.

It's amazing what we have to learn in this world, and we frequently need to learn things more than once.

At 11:41 p.m., Blogger shadowbox declared...

Fine-tune? Ha! I'm not even close to having that skill.


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