Friday, October 01, 2004

Don't You (Forget About Me)

There are more than a few songs that when I hear them, jolt me back to a past experience or emotion. Several are from, what we that remember the '80's refer to as, "brat-pack" movies. I was a young teenager when the first of these movies came out. In fact I think that I had to sneak into Pretty In Pink because I was just under the "AA-14" cut off.

Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Weird Science, Pretty In Pink, St. Elmo's Fire are a few of the oldies-but-goodies. I still love watching those movies. What I've come to realize over the years is that maybe it's really not the actual movies that I miss so much but the way life was (or how I felt) when I watched them for the first time.

One of the songs from this era was St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) -- John Parr. When I hear this song on the radio I will usually stop to listen. I was a starry eyed, fresh faced teen when I watched this movie. It is, by no means, an award winning movie. But I loved it. Demi Moore, Rob Lowe, Andrew McCarthy... What promise they had as actors. More so, what promise I had as a person, a woman. I could be anything. I would have friends like them. We would have a pub like that. Everyone would know us. There would be drama and love affairs and....great music.


I hear that song and it brings all that back. Limitless possibilities. Even though I love hearing them, I get a little sad (or maybe nostalgic is a better word) now listening to those songs. I had such a wonderful time in high school and there I was looking forward to getting older and living "real" life.

Crazy girl. Looking forward to the future is so much fun. Especially when you're that age. So, now when I hear St. Elmo's Fire or Don't You (Forget About Me) (Simple Minds from the Breakfast Club) I get a rush of how those songs and movies used to make me feel. The promise of what was to come. The good times we were having.

Now, a lot of my old friends have gone their separate ways. I've been through some tough years. There was no fairy tale after high school. Opportunity did not present itself the way I had assumed it would. Love affairs were brief. The love of my life didn't show up unitl I was 29. He was supposed to show up years ago. Didn't he watch the movies? It took me a long time to find myself.

Don't You (Forget About Me)
--Simple Minds

Won't you come see about me?
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Tell me your troubles and doubts
Giving me everything inside and out and
Love's strange so real in the dark
Think of the tender things that we were working on
Slow change may pull us apart
When the light gets into your heart, baby

Don't You Forget About Me
Don't Don't Don't Don't
Don't You Forget About Me

Will you stand above me?
Look my way, never love me
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down
Will you recognise me?
Call my name or walk on by
Rain keeps falling, rain keeps falling
Down, down, down, down

Don't you try to pretend
It's my feeling we'll win in the end
I won't harm you or touch your defenses
Vanity and security
Don't you forget about me
I'll be alone, dancing you know it baby
Going to take you apart
I'll put us back together at heart, baby

Don't You Forget About Me
Don't Don't Don't Don't
Don't You Forget About Me

As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
As you walk on by
Will you call my name?
When you walk away
Or will you walk away?
Will you walk on by?
Come on - call my name
Will you call my name?

The Buzz:

At 9:45 a.m., Blogger shadowbox declared...

Ah good old TBC. We *are* close in age, aren't we? Back in '85-86 we used to debate but which character we identified with most closely. Mine was always a mix of Judd Nelson's "Bender" and Ally Sheedy's "Allison." Neo-maxi zoom dweebies, all of us.

At 11:15 a.m., Blogger Anvilcloud declared...

That's what I call an A blog.

At 12:31 p.m., Blogger shadowbox declared...

There was fog where you are too? Hey waaaaaait a minute. You mean I'm not the only blogger in this one-horse 'gubbermint town? Neat.

At 8:42 p.m., Blogger Zulu declared...

Amen! They sure don't make movies like that anymore. I know ever single line from Breakfast Club. And that scene from Sixteen Candles where they are sitting on the table with the cake...priceless.

It's sad to wake up and realize that like isn't a John Hughes movie.

At 4:32 p.m., Blogger Whine Connoisseur declared...

Every time I hear songs from the 80s I feel so sad (?), nostalgic (?), and I've never quite put my finger on why. But you hit the nail on the head. I was so full of excitement and my world was full of possibilities. My first kiss, my first love, what exciting things would I do, who would I hang out with, what would my husband be like, how many kids would I have? As a grown-up I am still able to find the excitement in life, but I also see those puppet strings. It's not as glamorous as it seemed back then. Thank god I have those songs and movies to take me away for just a few minutes or a few hours and feel, once again, like that little girl with her whole life in front of her.


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