Friday, October 29, 2004

I'm Miss World...

So today was dress up day at work. And I was Miss World 2004. There is only one reason that I decided to dress up as a beauty queen. So that I could wear the tiara headpiece that I wore at my wedding. Ah well. Whatever the reason, the outfit came together.

Every year they have a little mini contest for best costume. Can I tell you without being embarrassed that I covet that honour? It's so stupid but man do I ever want to win.

I think that I have deserved to win for the past couple of years but I haven't. And for the past couple of years people come up to me and say "you should have won, you know.."

Thanks. Try voting next time!

And that's my silly story for the day.

The Buzz:

At 11:20 p.m., Blogger writersblock declared...

I hope you win more than honorable mention.

By the way, first my halo-style wedding veil was a Halloween costume, after that, it became part of a dress-up costume for my girls. And who said I'll never get my $100 out of that thing?


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