Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Rock Lobster in the House.

Check out Rocky. This is the cat that I foolishly adopted 10 years ago. If you'll notice the paw that he's extending towards the camera, you'll see that it's deformed. After innocently checking out the pet store one day at the mall I left with a cat. You see, upon spotting the deformity my friend clutched at my arm and said. "Omigod Shauna. They're gonna flush him down the toilet. You have to get him."

His real name is Rock Lobster, which was my shooter of choice at the time (and it also seemed to fit as his deformed paw kinda resembles the shape of a lobster claw). 10 years later I don't do so many shooters anymore but the cat is still kicking around. Until this past weekend Rocky was residing with my folks. They've decided that he needs to come back with me. (sigh)

Give me about 3 days. By then I'll be swearing and ready to send him back to the old folks'. For whatever reason, when Rocky gets in my room when I'm sleeping, he likes to "dance" on my head and eat my hair.

It's really endearing.