Thursday, October 28, 2004

What a Deal!

As I sit and look through the latest grocery store flyer, I wonder when I became so domesticated. Ooohhhh! Pizza's on sale for half price. Must go pick up a few. Veggies on for 49 cents a can? Wow! And look Coke is on for $6/case. What a deal!

Ug. When did this happen?

When I moved in with a man. That's when it happened. My grocery bills were amazing when I lived on my own. Next to nothing. Now that's where my money goes. Proper dinners every night and the lunches! Frig. The lunches. To get this grown man to take a lunch to work was a battle I finally won but now I need to make sure that he's got treats and whatever lunch meat he's into this week. For crying out loud, he's got to be worse than a kid. Me? I take yogurt and a coke and maybe some salad for lunch. HE gets Joe Louis' and Hop-n-Go's and granola bars. Whatever I can find to keep him interested in lunches.

And have I mentioned that he drinks Coke instead of water? I must go through, easily, a case a week. You should see me fill up my trunk when I hit a $5/case sale. It's ridiculous.

So I'm off to the closest grocery store to get my man some treats and see what else is on sale. The fun never ends.

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At 10:22 p.m., Blogger shadowbox declared...

Welcome to the suburbs. Wait till you find yourself in the middle of a Partylite candle party (AKA "the candle cult").



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