Saturday, November 20, 2004

Blogs I Enjoy and Lazy Saturday.

I just updated my 'blogroll' list. There sure are some sexy and well written blogs out there. Keeps life interesting reading about the lifestyles and imaginations of others.

One thing that I have discovered lately is that men sure can write sexy when they put their minds to it. Well done boys.

It's 130pm and I have even gotten out of my pajamas. Well that's not exactly true. I haven't gotten out of the sweat pants and tshirt that I put on when I got out of bed. Being a "sleep in the buff kinda girl" there's not much call for pajamas. :)

Eric went out with the neighbourhood boys last night for some geek fun. They get together once a month or so and meet at the local gaming place. They play Battlefield for a couple of hours and then head to the local watering hole to talk geek over pitchers of beer. Last night was Eric's maiden voyage into the neighbourhood geekdom but I think that he fit in well and came home not just a little drunk. Good for him. I am so pleased that he can do that every once in a while. Our neighbours are really nice and Eric doesn't have too many friends in the area as, like me, he is a transplant from another part of the country. Have you noticed that it's much more difficult to make friends when you're older?

Anyway, I went out to get a serious start to my Christmas shopping. I like to get it done early so that I can just sit back and enjoy the Christmas season and laugh at all the people who are running around like crazy. When I got home I curled up with my laptop and a bottle of wine. By the time Eric rolled in drunk I was long since gone in a wine induced sleep. I didn't even hear him and usually he makes a great deal of noise.

It was a good relaxing night and it's turning out to be a relaxing Saturday. I have a million things to do around the house but it'll all wait till tomorrow.

Time to get my lazy ass off the couch. It's time for lunch.

The Buzz:

At 8:49 p.m., Blogger Kat declared...

I love lazy Saturdays. However, I haven't gotten to enjoy one in months. :-(

And yes, some of those boys can write can't they! Whew!!!

At 10:24 a.m., Blogger Kristin declared...

It is harder to make friends when you're older. But I think mostly because you're pickier: you'll no longer pick a friend because she can run faster than the boys, or because she has nice hair and you can copy her homework.

If you ever visit Calgary, you have a friend here!

At 1:50 p.m., Blogger Edge declared...

Hey, I'm old and I can still make friends! Truthfully, I make fewer but better ones and for the right reasons versus when I was younger and far less selective in whose company I kept.


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