Monday, November 29, 2004

Christmas Cards.

It's Christmas card time again. I have a fresh box, unopened in front of me. It's a silly tradition though isn't it? This is about how it goes with me in 22 steps....

1. Go out and buy cards. Find the prettiest ones I can for the best price.
2. Find Christmas card list from last year -- make additions or subtractions as neccessary.
3. Leave box on bookshelf for a while to "remind" me to write them.
4. Mention to Eric to make up a french translation label for any french speaking only friends.
5. Move box from shelf to table to "remind" me again.
6. Find nice pen to write lovely, personal notes inside cards.
7. Buy nice Christmas stickers to decorate envelope.
8. Remind Eric to translate text onto labels for french speaking friends.
9. Receive first Christmas card in mail and go into panic mode about still unopened box.
10. Place nice pen and stickers with unopened box to motivate me to write out cards.
11. Practice drawing holly berries with nice pen.
12. Try to ignore pretty cards in box as I watch The Amazing Race.
13. Receive second card in mail and hurriedly open box of cards, unfold list of addresses and
uncap pen. Leave on table for tomorrow night.
14. Forget that idea. The Apprentice is on.
15. Remind Eric to print out french translation labels.
16. Decide to write out a couple cards to "get into the swing" of it. Hate how contrived my "thoughtful, handwritten messages" sound -- give up.
17. Give Eric the cards that he has to write out in french. Watch him sweat and stress about what to write. Laugh at him. (Seriously, he's very bad at this.)
18. End up having to buckle down and write out scads of cards on a Friday night when I'd rather
do something else. Bitch about what a silly and wasteful tradition it really is.
19. Laugh at Eric some more as he struggles through the 4 or 5 cards that he has to write.
20. Settle for brief standard message to go in card so that I can get them out in time for Christmas.
21. Write note to self to buy stamps.
22. Place written and addressed cards on shelf to remind me to send them.....

As I said. Silly. I do like getting Christmas cards though. So I really shouldn't knock the tradition.

Perhaps this year I'll settle for a Christmas email. Now that's an idea!

For you though? A lovely Christmas blog. And believe me. There will be more heart in that (when I get around to it) than in most of my Christmas cards.

The Buzz:

At 12:43 a.m., Blogger Kristin declared...

Wow. I do the exact same thing.

But, to my credit. I have boxes and barrels of unwritten plastic-wrapped cards under my bed. That's gotta be worth something, no?

At 5:18 p.m., Blogger Cat declared...

Hehehe, I had to chuckle here. I sat down and wrote out all my cards last week, so I can feel smug and superior ;-)

At 5:12 p.m., Blogger Karen declared...

We are fast approaching the time for gift giving, sending Christmas cards, and throwing parties. Man do I love this time of year. I just wanted to let you know that over the year I have enjoyed reading your posts. I am not one for posting comments myself very much, but I just wanted to say hi, and how much I have enjoyed your blog.


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