Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Merry What?

Christmas commercials?

It's only November 2nd. I've got the TV on in the background a lot. As I blog, as I cook, as I clean. If there's not music on then the TV is on. I just like my background noise. But tonight as I was doing some "stuff" and eating dinner I saw not just one but 2 Christmas commercials. Two!

Holy shit. Is it just me or does it start earlier and earlier every year?

Just earlier today I was telling a friend how much I loved the spirit and time of Christmas. It is one of my favourite things. But I wasn't expecting the commercials so soon.

Personally, I wish that I could push back Christmas a month or two. Make it in February. That way at least I have something to look forward to during the long dreary months of winter.

Anyway. According to Hershey Kisses it's holiday time. I'd better get started on my shopping!

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We had our first snow fall a couple of weeks ago and the kids have been singing and playing Christmas carols since before Halloween. Sadly, I'm just not ready for all that.


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