Monday, December 13, 2004

Crunch Time.

I am throwing a dinner party this weekend.

Pretty cool eh?

Actually I don't know what got into to me. What started off as a dinner for 6 has grown to a sit down dinner for 14. What was I thinking? The guest list just kept growing and pretty soon it took on a life of it's own.

Have I mentioned that I've never cooked for more than 4 people?
Or how about that I only own a small, rickety table with 4 rickety chairs?
There's also the fact that I live a half hour outside of town so I may be putting up a good number of tipsy houseguests.

Ah well. I know it's all in good fun and every single person coming is a good friend of mine. I'm borrowing a table from a neighbour and stacking chairs from work. My best friend is coming from back home and she is an amazing cook so I plan on letting her take over. I bought lots of wine (and plan to buy more) so if all else fails I'll just get everyone drunk and it will be remembered as a fabulous time.

Besides what could possibly go wrong?

Ha ha ha.

So preparation for the weekend has now begun.

(Did I mention that we had a snowstorm here and that it took me almost 2 hours to get to work this morning?)

The Buzz:

At 9:52 a.m., Blogger Jen declared...

Oh, pick me! Pick me! I want to come!

At 10:59 a.m., Blogger Amanda declared...

Good idea, pass around some wine before the meal is served and no one will care if it's burnt or whatever. ;)

Hope you have a fun time.

At 2:53 p.m., Blogger chunk declared...

The keys to good dinner parties are:

Music on, candles on, something that smells good when people arrive.

Everything that should be hot, hot, cold, cold.

Preperation. All ingredients chopped and ready for last minute preperation

Try not to be in the kitchen all night. Guests will feel guilty and come to the kitchen. Hindering their own meal.

Just a thought. S and I have 10 person dinner parties every 8 weeks.


At 4:35 p.m., Blogger Zulu declared...

That sounds fun! Preparation is the key so you can relax and enjoy yourself along with your guests.

At 8:01 p.m., Blogger Dale declared...

You're so brave, Shauna! Don't worry, though. It'll be fabulous! "Every single person coming is a friend of mine." I have a question, though. Do all these friends know each other? Are they all mutual friends, or just friends of yours? And Eric's. Someone once accused me of failing to "share" my friends. She was right. I have work friends and theatre friends and old friends. They don't know each other. Maybe I should "share." But I don't. Do you?

At 9:40 p.m., Blogger Butterfly declared...

Thanks for all the valuable advice guys!

And yes, most of these friends have been shared before although there will be a couple that have not met. It's all good.


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