Friday, December 10, 2004

A Day Gained.

Friday evening. 6:05 pm and I haven't left the house all day. How wonderful and unexpected.

I had to wait for the plumbers to come this morning (which is a whole other story). Because they weren't due until 8am or so, and I usually leave my house no later than 730am, I was able to gain sleep. Then, of course, they were late. They were here for a couple of hours and then after they left I had breakfast and contemplated going into work. Winter storm warning in effect here today so I called in and arranged to take the whole day as vacation. (I needed a day off as those around me will attest too.)

So I found myself with a whole delicious day stretched out in front of me. I made a lasagne, changed the bedding, did laundry, wrapped presents, did some Christmas baking and did some emailing. I also put some more decorations on the upstairs Christmas tree. My "to do" list got a little shorter today. I feel like I'm finally getting ahead of the game.

Tomorrow is my work Christmas party. I've gone for the last two years and it's ended up being a rip roaring good time both years. I've got a new sexy black dress to wear and sexy silver heels to go with it. I can hardly wait to have a cocktail or 8 and enjoy the company of my coworkers for once.

Lucky for me I married my designated driver. And lucky for me he never seems to mind carting his toasted wife around. In fact, he seems to find it incredibly amusing and always reaps the rewards of a happy, tipsy and amourous spouse.

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At 7:49 p.m., Blogger Jen declared...

OH, man. I have Canadian blogger envy. Your day sounds delicious.


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