Sunday, January 02, 2005

And Done.

Despite my best efforts to finish the book last night I finally turned my light out at 3am. I just couldn't go on any longer.

And sometimes it's nice to drag out the end a little bit don't you think?

Who really wants to say goodbye to a good book? I never really want to let it end. As much as I want to see how it turns out, it's with a little sadness that I lay a book down for good.

For a change I thought I'd check the book out from the library. I usually buy but I thought why not use the free resource? Hardcover books are so bloody expensive and it's highly unlikely I'd read it more than once. Just not worth the king's ransom that you pay for hardcover if it's something you'll only read once. So I dutifully visited the public library and got myself a card. And then I put myself on the waiting list. After a few weeks I got my chance. The problem with library reserve lists is that you have to put down whatever else you may have on the go to read the awaited book before its return date.

The other problem I have with libraries is returning anything on time. This will be a first. I usually mark down the return date on my calendar only to miss it. So far I have paid a whopping $2.90 in overdue fines. Thank god they're affordable fines.

So I am done with The DaVinci Code. I really enjoyed it. A good holiday read. It's not for everyone. It helps if you enjoy art and have a good idea about DaVinci's works. One thing that surprised me was that the whole book takes place in the space of a day or two. I thought it might be a little more leisurely-paced than that.

Now I can get back to my other half-read book and put myself on the waiting list for Dan Brown's book, Angels & Demons, which was actually written before The DaVinci Code and has the same central character.

Ha! No late fines for me this time!