Tuesday, January 25, 2005

A Heartfelt Goodnight.

We stayed up and watched The Tonight Show last night. We thought it would be worth a late night to see how they saluted Johnny Carson. They did an okay job considering it was all thrown together in a matter of hours. But as much as I enjoyed watching the old clips and whatnot I couldn't help but feel a little sad about the tribute. It always seems such a shame to have these things only after people die.

I guess it's when we lose people that we'll realize how much we'll miss them. Until then we can't imagine a world without them. So we don't.

The Buzz:

At 11:52 a.m., Blogger BridalBeer declared...

Imagining death may put anger in perspective-interesting.
"If tomorrow never comes, will she know how much I loved her?"

At 5:14 p.m., Blogger The Delawarean declared...

More true than we will ever know.

At 7:43 p.m., Blogger Happy and Blue declared...

It would be worse if they did a tribute to your life before you died. You'd be left with nothing to live for.
Or, what if they don't do a tribute to your life when you die. How depressing would that be? Well, not very I guess, since you wouldn't know anyway unless you belonged to a religious cult that believed you could see what was going on after you die. But I don't know of any cults like that.
My point is Johhny will be missed.


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