Saturday, January 29, 2005


I've been more productive today than I have been in a long time. I cleaned my house and did a hundred loads of laundry. Actually, I'm in the process of doing a hundred loads. It's very time consuming to wash a mountain of clothes, towel and sheets, load by load. Too bad I can't just shut the laundry room door and run the whole room on a heavy duty cycle. That would be pretty cool.

So then I thought why not try my hand at making Sweet Potato Soup. Dad always makes it and I love it. I rolled up my sleeves and went to work.

What's supposed to look like this:

actually turned out looking more like runny mashed sweet potatoes.

So while I had planned to blog about my successful soup making endeavor, I actually find myself posting about how I am not a good cook. (sigh) Well it tasted okay, in spite of not adding one of the spices it called for. (Because of course I didn't have any cumin.)

Perhaps I should stick to ready-made frozen stuff. That always comes out well. And if I put it into my own casserole dish, I can tell every one that I made it from scratch.

Now there's an idea.

If you ever come to dinner at my house forget I told you that kay?

The Buzz:

At 7:00 p.m., Blogger Denny Shane declared...

ya know sha, we're our own worst enemies. I'll bet it wasn't half as bad as you think it was.

At 8:14 p.m., Blogger Magicfingers declared...

Sha, I have never heard of that soup. It sounds good though. Maybe you could send me the recipe. You said it tasted ok. Don't be so hard on yourself. Try one more time. Never give up, and never let em' see you sweat.
The idea about washing the whole laundry room was great. Never thought about it like that but I've been there.

At 8:43 p.m., Blogger Happy and Blue declared...

The soup sounds gross even if it's done right. If I come over I'll pack a lunch, hee,hee

At 8:51 p.m., Blogger Lefty Telepathy declared...

No worries, if you followed the recipe it's bound to be good right? Crap. I just keep telling myself that but it doesn't get truer.

At 9:18 p.m., Blogger mrhaney declared...

hello sha. now you got me hungry for soup and i just ate. i just know enough cooking to get by. now my mother is another story. she can cook any thing. it has snowed in ga. so my wife and i are taking it easy in the house. we have one of those houses that is very cold even though we go broke during the winter months paying for the gas to actually freeze. i swear if we kept this house at 70 degrees the monthly bill would be $500.00. well have a good week and talk to you later.

At 9:54 p.m., Blogger The Delawarean declared...

At least you tried. It was the effort that counted. I know someone that has tried to make home made gravy for the past 27 years and it come out like play dough each year.

At 10:16 p.m., Blogger Jen declared...

Ha! I love sweet potato soup, too, but mine came out like yours the one time I tried it. *sigh*

At 11:10 p.m., Blogger SquirrleyMojo declared...

"Made from Scratch" is highly over-rated and romantasized.

At 9:46 a.m., Blogger blue2go declared...

What a busy day you had, doing everything I should have been doing yesterday. Well, I did a couple of things. Sweet potato soup sounds intriguing. I love sweet potatoes, but not soup, really. Aside from appearance, did it taste good?

At 12:55 p.m., Blogger Lefty Telepathy declared...

Read it for the second time still make me laugh. Heh heh.

Anyway, gave you a link, check it out.

At 4:28 p.m., Blogger Thomas declared...

Lunch wouldn't be bad if you're dessert..

I mean, if you're SERVING dessert... how silly of me ;).

At 10:12 p.m., Blogger Dale declared...

I hate it when I hear people say things like that. "I'm not a good cook." Of course you're a good cook. There are probably some dishes you cook that are better than others. I'll bet you have your own "special meals", ones that Eric really loves, or that you'd serve to company when they visit.

Oh and the laundry? Here's a trick: Take it to a laundromat and do it all at once. Done and done! A hundred loads washed and dried in ninety minutes. Now that's productive!


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