Wednesday, February 02, 2005

For Sale - Cheap: One Cat.

My cat has lost his mind.

Lost it.

I think that Rocky's gotten to that point in his life, where most animals come to. All he thinks about is food. And as soon as he's done eating he starts thinking about his next meal or snack. He's getting so fat. But if we don't feed him he goes crazy.

We have to sleep with our bedroom door shut. If we don't lock him out he spends the whole night chewing on my hair and trying to fit his head into the glass of water that I often have on my bedside table. So often did I end up with water spilled everywhere and my head buried under the covers that I figured it was time to lock him out.

Now he stakes out the bedroom door. And if he hears the sounds of stirring within he starts to meow. Deep, heartbreaking meows that leave you sure that he's dying out there. Somedays he waits for our alarm clock to sound but other days a cough is enough to start him up. (This morning I could hear him before 5am.)

Usually Eric feeds him since he gets up before me. But every once in a while I'm up first and I feed him. On those mornings he harrasses Eric like crazy. Even though his food dish is there for all to see, Rocky tries to trick Eric into feeding him.

He's a crazy cat. When I get home from work I can hear him meowing before I even put my key in the lock. Then, for the next 2 or 3 hours he follows me around, dogging my steps. So then I bend down to pet him, which he seems to enjoy for a couple of minutes. Then he starts biting me. If he's feeling really frisky he's been known to chase me around trying bite my ankles.

Oh and let's not forget that if he has a hairball he's sure to huck it up on the carpet. Can't ever make it to the linoleum. That's particularly a favourite trick of mine.

Other than that he's really well behaved.

Anyone want a cat?

The Buzz:

At 10:59 a.m., Blogger Lefty Telepathy declared...

Already got a dog named Rocky. Sorry can't help you with your devil cat. He's fat and cute though. Maybe one day if you just accidentaly slipped some poison into one of those food dishes.....

Heh, heh, just kiddin.

At 12:18 p.m., Blogger John B. declared...

Our cat is the same way, he begins meowing at 5AM for food, and will pick at anything in the room to get our attention...plastic bags, glasses of water, hair, the dog, they are all fair game for the cat.

I gently nudge the cat with my foot, so that he gets the message to leave me alone. I haven't launched him across the room to the opposite wall, but I have gotten close.

At 12:41 p.m., Blogger `*Pansy*~ declared...

*LMAO* I know, I should be more sympathetic but my kitten is very attention starved and he actually gets seperation anxiety whenever I leave a room. He freaks out that I am leaving the house or leaving him, so he is always underfoot. I have to keep the bathroom door shut when I am in there, so he doesn't sit on the edge of the tub, or crawl into my lap while I'm using the facilities. It's insane. He sticks his claws underneath my bedroom door and rattles the door if I go in my room even for a few minutes without letting him in.

I feel your frustration. *S*

At 2:07 p.m., Blogger Jennefer declared...

Oh Gosh Sha that was funny. He sounds like Roy! Roy will start the caterwauling around 4am, and if that doesn't get Jane up (cause I sure won't), then he'll come in and start chewing on plastic. He knows that'll get her up in a shot. If there's no plastic around, then he'll bang on the night table doors or play with any number of things in our bedroom. Anything that makes noise.
The funny thing is, if Jane's away over-night somewhere, Roy behaves himself. He doesn't carry on like this because he KNOWS I won't get up. I figured if I got up once for him, then my days of peace were numbered! lol CATS! Gotta love em!

At 4:00 p.m., Blogger writersblock declared...

In the middle of the night, my cat stands on his hind legs and scratches his claws down the side of the wall.
It sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard. He also bites me after a few pats and will attack my ankles.
So far, we haven't had a problem with the food issue. He just seems to think that he's nocturnal, so we should be too.

At 5:28 p.m., Blogger Happy and Blue declared...

I had a cat like writers block. It was wait that was my ex. I guess I never had a cat, only dogs.

At 5:40 p.m., Blogger Johnny the Horse declared...

My three use the end of the bed for a nightly cabaret act complete with costumes top hats and stage lighting. It's quieter than attempting to lock them out of the bedroom though as they saved up their pocket money and bought an electric jig saw, and cutting their way through the door is much noisier. My cats don't eat. They vacuum food of the plate and then come and help me with my dinner, the thoughtful little buggers. As for the furballs, I am considering putting down floorboards, and I rent.

At 12:09 a.m., Blogger Caribbean Colors declared...

Your cat sounds like my bad boyfriend.

At 12:19 a.m., Blogger Magicfingers declared...

Sorry, already have a cat. Actually two. They went from being indoor cats to outside cats for similiar problems and shedding. Simone is a Persian, and I just can't handle the hair shedding. The other one named Simon doesn't shed much(not a Persian) , but Simone needs company outside.

At 12:38 a.m., Blogger Lefty Telepathy declared...


You haven't visited in a while!

Heh, Heh. Just kidding. Well, not really....

At 12:48 a.m., Blogger rysolag declared...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 10:33 a.m., Blogger Dale declared...

Hey Blog Bladder. We're all about cats here today. Come back later with your sales pitch.

Oh Hi, Butterfly. Your dad told me to visit you today, so here I am. We have a cat too. Tara. Never shuts up. Destroys my house plants. Pukes up disgusting hairballs. Sheds all over the furniture. Drives Dan and me mad some days. I really love the sweet thing of course, but I was just wondering. How long, typically, do cats live?

At 2:35 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous declared...

Last time I took a cat from someone, I gave it to my mom, who had recently lost hers.

The trouble started when the cat decided she hated my mom. The cat sat on the counter in the bathroom across from the toilet and just hissed while you peed.

Two days after my mom opened her home for this cat, it ran away. Never seen it again.

Try explaining that to the family who gave up the cat...

At 7:39 p.m., Blogger Denny Shane declared...

One day I found a kitten.. it was barely a few days old. So I took it in, fed it, etc... Just me and little Lucifer... jet black... I changed the name to Lucy when I discovered he was a she. The I met my future ex-wife. The first night she stayed overnight, Lucy couldn't handle it, and peed all over AND in those shoes. laugh I should have taken that as an omen.

At 10:59 a.m., Blogger Amanda declared...

Gee, I thought MY cat was needy and greedy. I guess he's not the only one!

At 1:50 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous declared...

I had a cat like that. Every morning he'd sit outside the door, just out of pillow/sock range and meow. My girlfriend would crawl under the covers deeper, throw a pillow over her own head, but eventually stagger out of bed wearing very little and toss way too much food into the cat's bowl.
The cat and I would exchange a thumbs-up. He got his food and I got a lot of eye-candy as she'd walk around, too tired to care that her t-shirt was hiked up, or not on at all, and her bottom, front, sides, and top were there for me to see!
But eventually she got our relationship soured and the deal the cat and I worked out with no longer provided me any benefit. It cost me sleep and merely woke my darling girlfriend early enough that she got an early start on making my life miserable.
The cat would give me thumbs up and I'd teach him that pillow-range was a lot further than he knew.
But it was too late. He'd trained us. He knew that if he was annoying he got food. And the more annoying he was, the more food he'd get and the quicker it would arrive.
So I came up with a solution. The girlfriend would stagger out of bed, snarling at me, spitting at the cat, and throw too much food into the cat's dish. The cat would gleefully wait for her to get back into bed before he'd begin eatin' his annoyingly-won meal.
But. I'm smarter and meaner than the average house-cat.
I still got my eyeful, carefully, of my girlfriend parading around in a vicious temper in the morning and then I'd leap out of bed, and take the cat's food away.
I'd actually only let him eat maybe once every few days.
And the weirdest thing happened. He stopped badgering us in the mornings ('cause if he woke me, he knew that whatever food he had would vanish). He also lost weight and became a lot more active. And after his yearly vet-visit, he got a rave review from the vet.
Turns out the girlfriend, in her efforts to satisfy his annoying morning ritual, was killing the cat by overfeeding him...and making him so sedentary that life for him amounted to the same sort of life a cushion has.

At 3:09 p.m., Blogger Iona declared...

I'm a bit late with the comment since you already have more than enough of them, but what the heck. Another comment-spam...

Our cat is kind of the same. She also wakes us up in the middle of the night. I'm not sure if it's for food or just attention.
In the beginning she just walked around the bed and eventually fell asleep at our feet, but now she walks all over us (literally!) and just sits down on top of my chest! Or then she tries to find a way to sneak between the sheets!
Anyway, the point to the story... I had a friend who also had a cat and that cat started to behave strangely all of a sudden. First it just seemed like she wanted to play, but then she also started chasing, biting and scratching my friend. Eventually the cat started to attack my friend when she came home. (and when the cat was outside, she would attack little kids)

Turned out that the cat had a brain tumor and that was the cause of the change in behavior. They had to put the animal to sleep...
So keep an eye on your cat and if it starts to act really strange, better have it checked by the vet!

At 4:58 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous declared...

...if a cat acts really strange? How could you tell if a cat is acting strange? It suddenly listens? Does tricks? Wants to go outside to poop and pee instead of in the closet? Plays frisbee? Is affectionate without hoarkin' up a hairball or gouging out a layer of flesh? Doesn't think sinking it's claws an inch into soft flesh if "fun"? Is playful?


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