Saturday, April 30, 2005

Bless You.

My boy is back.

In the last minute and a half Eric has sneezed about 15 times.
It's gets pretty amusing after a while.
Bless you.
Bless you.
You okay?
Bless you.
Holy cow!
Bless you.
giggle giggle.
Bless you.
Ha ha ha. You're so funny!
Bless you.

Bless you.
He just keeps on sneezing and sneezing and sneezing.
(And I keep laughing and laughing.)

I missed him this week.
Even though he steals my pillows.
Even though he coughs all over me in his sleep.
Even though he plays video games.
And watches wrestling.

He hugged me hard when he got home.
He kissed me lots.
He fixed my computer problems.
What a smart guy.
It's good to have him home.
Where he belongs.

So even though I say "Bless you" after he sneezes, it is really I who is truly blessed.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I Need Some Focus.

My mind is all over the place this week. Eric is out of town until Friday or Saturday. We haven't filed our taxes yet. There's a book that I need to finish reading but I just can't make myself sit down and read it. I have nothing to pack for lunch tomorrow. My cat has decided to stick to me like glue. A very loud banging noise just sounded from the basement. Constantine from American Idol is singing right now and I want to boot him right off the stage. Stop staring at the camera you freak! (Who the hell likes that guy anyway?) I'm having trouble downloading a program (that I want to have, like, yesterday) on my computer. Error! Oops. Error! Oops. Error! Oops.


Yeah. That's right. I swear. Get over it.

See? I'm bitchy! And cranky. And frustrated.

Maybe I should just go to bed.

Oh wait! There is a positive side! I just forgot! Remember how I broke my glasses while doing yardwork? Well after a week and a half of wearing broken glasses, I picked up my new ones today. Thank goodness for that. Because, can you just imagine? I'd have even more to bitch about if I was still wearing duct tape on my glasses.

Quit laughing.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


I, Butterfly, do solemnly swear that I will never wear socks and sandals together.


(That better Dale?)

Friday, April 22, 2005

Socks & Sandals.

Ahhhhh. Friday evening.

Has is really been almost a week since I last posted? Sheesh. Time flies when you’re busy.

Although it’s beautiful outside today, apparently it’s going to rain, snow(!) and storm all weekend.

Yuck. So much for getting out in the yard again this weekend.

It’s funny. As Canadians, as soon as the temp goes over 10° Celsius, we put on our sandals and bring out the patio furniture. Perhaps we jump the gun in some instances but now that I’ve got my sandals out, I hardly feel as though it’s fair that I have to dig out my socks again.

I know that the snow will melt as soon as it hits the ground (if we even get it) and I know that the rain will make the grass greener and urge my daffodils to grow. So I guess that it’s all good in the end.

After all, it is only April.

It’s just that it was such a looooooonnnnnng and hard Winter. I need the coming of Spring like I never have before.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Root of All Evil

We got more than we bargained for yesterday. Eric and I headed outside in the afternoon to clean up around the yard a bit. We have a corner lot so we end up with a lot of garbage debris on the lawn. While Eric raked, I cast my eye at the Evil Wild Rose Bush that grows at the end of our flower bed.

For whatever reason the previous owners had a real taste for the monstrosities. We had 4 or 5 lining the deck, 4 of which we pulled out last year.

But they were the small ones. The one that was left was the mother of all Wild Rose Bushes. So I attacked it and hacked it and dug and pulled and laboured over it all afternoon but now? No more rose bush!

I was so proud of my efforts that I attached pictures of the beast so that you could ooohhhh and aaahhhhh over my success.

Above is the picture of most of the scrub that came out with the Wicked Bush. Below is a close up of the roots.

Hideous ain't it?

So that along with my first crocus (Thanks Dad, Dale and CPF) was definately reason to celebrate. And by the way I now have six crocuses (crocii?) blooming!

{The only low point to yesterday is that my glasses got knocked off the deck and stepped on a few times. They are broken, broken, broken.}

Today I am an old woman. My muscles are crying out in protest. My back is creaking and my legs hurt when I sit down or stand up or crouch down. {Pretty much covers everything eh?)

Oh! And I forgot to tell you the rest. Not only did I remove the Root of All Evil from our premises but I also transplanted a misplaced Spirea bush to where the Hideous Beast used to reside. It's a much better spot for it. Hopefully it takes the transplant well.

Today I think that we might take it easy.

Enjoy Sunday in your neck of the woods!

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Reason Enough to Celebrate.

So there I was huddled over on my lawn taking pictures of my first Spring flower this morning. Skirt riding up in an almost disastrous fashion. But I had to do it and I couldn't put it off for time to change into something more appropriate. I was so excited ~ it just needed to be done.

Isn't it pretty? Now if only I could remember what it was that I planted back in the Fall. I think that it may be a crocus but I have no idea. If anyone can enlighten me, it would be appreciated.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

On the Edge.

I have to apologize. To you. Yes you. I have been busy. Really freaking busy and the blog is taking the backseat. Even now, I have only about 5 spare minutes.

I do still read your blogs. I do. I'm just not so great at leaving comments these days. And many of you get more than 20 comments per post so I figure, "Well. What the hell will I have to say that the 20 or 30 people before me haven't already said?"

So I read, enjoy, and go visit the next person on my blogroll.

Anyway, in this spare block of 5 minutes I just thought I would shoot an apology out there to anyone that thinks I have fallen off the face of the earth. I haven't. I am barely holding on to the edges though....

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Our Hero.

25 years. Hard to believe. Canada’s Terry Fox started his run 25 years ago. I was 7 years old and I remember it plain as day. His story and his courage stirs me now just as it did then.

My big savings of $7 went towards his Cause. I remember watching the televised drive and trying to discern when my $7 was added to the rapidly rolling money count. I was excited to be supporting him. He inspired me and I even crushed on him a little, just like I crushed on Shaun Cassidy or some other TV star.

Today when my eyes roamed over the front pages of all the major newspapers, his face stared back at me. I felt many emotions, not the least of which was a fierce pride. The grit and determination ingrained in his features just as I always will remember it. I don’t need to see his picture ever again. His face, his hair, his printed t-shirt and that endearing running lope he adopted are all permanently tattooed on my mind.

I was 7 years old then. I could not fully understand Cancer. I can barely understand it now. But I know that many in my life have been touched by it. I know that it makes me angry and that it makes me scared.

And finally, I know that I am still just as inspired to donate money to the Marathon of Hope as the day that I donated my meager $7.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Party Weekend.

What a great weekend! Don't have much time to write but for those that are interested here's a couple of pics from my weekend away with my two bestfriends and their boys. We had such fun.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Poltergeist Passenger.

I've come to realize that I may in fact be carpooling with a ghost.

Everytime I get in the car it seems that my mirrors are slightly off. The seat too. I can't seem to get it exactly right. I never thought much of it. Perhaps I slouch more as the day goes on.

The other day though, I became sure that my car is haunted. I was driving along minding my own business. As usual I was singing along with the CD that I had playing. All of the sudden the music got a little softer. Thinking that was odd I looked at the digital display on my stereo.

Sure enough, right before my eyes the volume was being adjusted. It went from volume 16 to volume 5 in the space of about 30 seconds.

Weird huh?

Appropriately, I skipped to the next song and turned the volume back up. The ghost seemed okay with that decision. Now I'm wondering if it was my singing or the song itself that Ghosty found offensive.

I'll keep you posted on any more paranormal developments in the Elantra.

{And if you have a reasonable explanation for the
volume phenomenon, don't tell me kay? I kinda
like the idea of having company
on my commutes.}

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Excited about what?

Is everyone else fantastically busy right now?

I feel like I do not have enough hours in the day.

Sadly, this blog is suffering the effects of my busy schedule.

Spring seems to have finally sprung here. It teased us for a while. Back and forth. But every day it's a little warmer. (That's not saying much.) The snow is pretty much gone, except from the sheltered areas. I noticed that I actually have a few brave shoots poking their heads above the dirt and my cherry bush has got buds on it.

I'm pretty excited because the town I live in has started a program that if you go to a tree clinic to learn how to plant and care for trees, they will give you a tree for only $15. Isn't that fantastic? We've been wanting to plant trees on our lot. Our street is sadly very void of large trees being a relatively new subdivision, so it will be nice to plant some greenery.

And the price is very right!

With such an inexpensive addition perhaps we can afford to plant the lilac bushes that I would really like to plant. Or maybe get another tree to put elsewhere.

Either way I'm pretty excited about getting the tree.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Whole Lotta Nothing.

You ever have so much to say that you actually have nothing to say.

That's me.

Right now, my mind is full, chaotic. Going in a million directions. I have a million things to do but here I sit, collecting my thoughts.

Ran around all day today. Errands here. Errands there. Waiting rooms here. Lunch there. Dropping in one minute. Flying out the next. And all of it? In the rain. I was just saying the other day how much I love rain. Except for when it rains all day and I have to be out in it.

I looked like a drowned rat.

I got only one thing done on my list of things to do. Blah.

Not pleased with my progress. I have much to do.

Much. To. Do.

I had big plans of getting started last night. Nope. No go. Friends are coming over. Okay. So Saturday then. Um okay. But nowhere near what I should have got done. Oh. But I did manage to spend a good deal of money of stuff other than what I was planning on spending money on.


I gotta go.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Too much coffee.....

....makes Sha a WIRED!! girl.