Wednesday, May 18, 2005

On My Wish List.

Have you seen the Blogger Shirt?

I want one!

The Buzz:

At 7:49 p.m., Blogger happyandblue2 declared...

Sheesh. Maybe I jumped ship too soon. Or maybe not.
Do they have a mens version..

At 8:42 p.m., Blogger Dale declared...

Cool shirts, Sha'. But then folks'll ask, "What does that mean on yer shirt?" And when you explain, they'll ask if you have a blog and you'll have to be truthful and then they'll want to read your blog and then they'll read what you've written about them and they'll be all like, "What the hell are you writing about me for, and putting it on the internet for the whole world to see?" and then you'll be like, "Well, if you don't like it, don't read it" and they'll be all like "Yeah, but you shouldn't be ...

Oh. Sorry. I guess Meagan's manner of speaking has rubbed off on me.

At 7:48 a.m., Blogger Katya declared...

oooh i'd like one of those too...but then like dale says, you'd spend tons of time explaining...


At 2:36 p.m., Blogger Iona declared...

Yes, saw it! I also saw a blue one which actually has "BLOGGER" on it.
And I want one too!
Although.. in respons to seeing the tshirt, many dutch people would ask:
"What is a Blogger?"


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